Part XV:Undeclared

It was 1983, and some time had passed since the Office of Special Affairs mission had come and gone. Being declared really wasn't so bad. Most of the Scientologists in Denver were still in communication with me. Old friends from the Sea Org, who had also been declared by the RTC, were contacting me and welcoming me to the club. I was making a living outside of Scientology. And best of all, I was not embroiled in the CofS insanity. Being declared was, in a way, kind of therapeutic.

I received a phone call from an old friend from the ship. He was in Denver with another friend of mine from the Apollo. He informed me that they were here on a special garrison (long-term) mission from the RTC. When I asked what the hell the RTC wanted now, he told me that my bogus declare had been canceled and that one of the primary targets on their mission orders was to contact me. He requested that I come over to their motel so that they could please brief me on their mission. Curious about what they had to say, and excited about seeing old friends, I agreed.

Our meeting was pleasant, and at first, we just chatted about old friends and old times. Then they got down to the business of briefing me on their mission. They told me that LRH had a warm spot in his heart for this area, as evidenced in his book, Battlefield Earth, which took place in Colorado. He wanted a huge expansion of Scientology to occur here and wanted my help, as I had been so instrumental in previous expansion in this area.

The RTC's primary intention for contacting me was unmistakably apparent. Their previous mission to get Scientologists to disconnect from me was a complete failure. Canceling my declare and getting me on board with this mission would make local Scientologists' support for their endeavor much easier.

I really had no interest in assisting the RTC but believed I had some leverage in these circumstances. I informed the missionaires that before I would even consider helping them, certain conditions that I required would have to be met.

Simply canceling my declare would not make up for the damage caused by the publication and widespread distribution of a slanderous declare order. I wanted to be Comm Eved in Denver. The Comm Ev would specifically address the accusations listed in the declare order. I wanted local, unbiased and non-RTC people appointed to the committee. Finally, I wanted the committee's findings and recommendations, and the cancellation of my declare published and broadly distributed, as the declare order had been.

The missionaires didn't see any reason why my conditions would be a problem and said they would contact their mission ops (operations) to get the ball rolling on my requests. They said that they would be in touch, and then I left.

Driving home I pondered on why these two people were in Denver. Obviously, that baloney about LRH having a warm spot for Colorado was just a PR target on their mission orders. But why these two people? They were old crew from the Apollo, and had held high posts in the Sea Org. Why would they be on a garrison mission in Denver?

On my trips to Clearwater, I had never seen either one of these two people there. Therefore, they must have been posted at Special Unit. A light went off in my head! They were probably part of that silly RTC action that I went over in Part 12 of this series. They must have been labeled "anti-management" and their only chance at redemption was to come to Denver and create a great expansion of Scientology. I was certain that the RTC would not like for this information to get out to Scientologists in the area. Therefore, I had an even a greater leverage with these people.

The next day I went into the Denver org and met with the missionaires. As I started to explain my theory about their coming to Colorado, they both got expressions of surprise on their faces and nervously looked at each other. Then one of them quickly got up and shut the door so that no one else could hear our conversation, while the other questioned me on how I had received this information. Unwilling to tell them how I knew, I just said that I had my sources.

They practically begged me not to reveal the true nature of their circumstances. I told them simply and with finality that that depended on the RTC. I then immediately asked about my requests, and they said that they were waiting to hear back from mission ops. I then told them to let me know, and left them in a state of moderate shock.

A couple of days later, they contacted me saying that my requests had been approved. The RTC would be writing up the Comm Ev and local Scientologists would be selected for the committee. The missionaires would let me know when proceedings would begin.

A short while later, my Comm Ev was convened.