Part V:Shifting into High Gear as Things Heat up

With success came visibility. And with visibility came the greater possibility of attacks from the more suppressive elements of the CofS. I realized that I would have to make a bigger impact and do it quickly.

It was now 1981 and the new Scientology upper bridge was being delivered at Flag (NOTs, New Era Dianetics for OTs). Having been an OT 3 completion for some years, I wanted to continue on my bridge by doing NOTs. It seemed like a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. I could go to Clearwater to do my NOTs, and at the same time, launch our Book One program, internationally. I called and briefed Diana that I was coming to Flag.

I arrived on Flag with a briefcase full of written, Book One briefings, beginning correspondence course lessons, a credit card machine, credit card slips, and a receipt book. After getting settled and routing onto my NOTs, I went to see Diana. Things with upper management were getting worse. It appeared that Diana still was not in touch with her father and that he was off lines somewhere. Even though the management of Scientology was supposedly being done from Flag in Clearwater, it was obvious that they were just taking their orders from SU (Special Unit) from some unknown location.

Being on close terms with many top management and Flag Service Org personnel at Flag, no longer being a freeloader, and working closely with Diana, I was welcomed back by Flag crew with open arms. Even as a public person, I went wherever I wanted and was privy to a lot of sensitive data. It soon became obvious to me what was happening.

Hubbard had a history of backing off the existing organizational lines. In the early to mid 1960s, he was in Saint Hill, England. It was there that he started establishing an organization for the management of the rest of Scientology. In the late 1960s, Hubbard secretly gathered an entourage of personnel and left Saint Hill to start the Sea Org, first known as the Sea Project. But unlike previous moves, his and his staff's location was confidential. This secrecy and mystery provided a platform of power over the rest of the Scientology world.

It is also important to note some other things with regards to power in Scientology. (1) Where Hubbard went, so did the power, and (2) Those who were with Hubbard had a standing and a power over anyone else in the Scientology organization. This may answer questions that many people have asked of how insignificant people like David Miscavige and Pat Broeker were able to assume power. But I want to continue with my thoughts about Hubbard's backing off the lines.

When the Apollo was sold and Flag management was relocated in Clearwater, a location in the public eye, Hubbard backed off once more. Once again he took an entourage and set up Special Unit. But this time, even more mystery was added. Previously on the Apollo, the rest of the Scientology world didn't know its location, but who was on board and their posts were known. Not only was the location of Special Unit confidential, but the personnel as well as their posts were unknown to the rest of the Scientology world.

Dispatches orders, etc. were stamped, not signed. It wasn't unusual to see an order stamped, "WDC" (which stood for Watchdog Committee). A stamped order such as this was clouded in mystery and enigma. A recipient might have had questions like, "Who is on this committee?" or "Am I under the microscope of a anonymous group of people?" When, in actual fact, there was an individual on a specific post at Special Unit who was sending that order. This individual was just stamping it with a "WDC", thereby disguising himself in a generality.

It wasn't until later that I discovered that Special Unit was in California, and that Hubbard had backed off from there with a smaller entourage, composed of individuals such as David Miscavige and Pat and Annie Broeker. As Hubbard got sick and more incapacitated, those who had last been with him were taking the reins of power.

In the writing that will follow in this series, I will provide some interesting data regarding some of the insane practices of the New Regime as they took control of the CofS. David Miscavige and Pat Broeker's fingerprints seem to be on these practices. But knowing something about Miscavige and knowing Broeker quite well, it is difficult for me to imagine that these two figures alone were capable of initiating some of the later activities in the CofS. I can only assume they got into bed with someone else and that this relationship continues. My guess is that if they are working with someone else, that this party was not in Scientology, has their own money and power, and is ruthless. But that's just a guess. But getting back to 1981 after I arrived at Flag; I did feel I was seeing a shift in power and operation. One subtle, but alarming change was what seemed to be the elimination of autonomous networks.

One of Hubbard's main initiatives in management was the establishment of autonomous networks such as the FBO network, Flag Rep network, LRH Comm network, CMO network, and Guardians Office network. Each had its own purpose in the overall organization, and retained an autonomous power to pursue that purpose. This structure created internal conflicts among the networks, but also created a system of checks and balances for the entire operation. For example, if one was in a given org and was being screwed over by someone in the GO network, this person couldn't seek justice in that same network. But it was possible to go to a separate network whose purpose was to handle this specific injustice. If it was a violation of some LRH policy, one could go to the LRH Comm network for assistance. It wasn't a perfect system and there were a lot of injustices, but at least it provided some opportunities for fairness and equity.

Most of these networks were within the Sea Org management and were being dismantled one by one. Previously autonomous operations were being put under one command line and control. And as I described above, you can see why this was alarming to me. However, I still felt we had time to change things.

I went to old friends in Flag management to get them behind my program, but most of them were too rattled by upper management to put any attention or importance on what I was doing. I also had friends in the Flag Service Org and Division 6 of that org. But they too had their pressures from above to get their stats up.

In Div 6 they were desperately trying to raise the stat of "Paid Starts" by pushing mini-training courses on Flag pcs. The idea was that the pcs could work on their courses while waiting to go into session. However, the majority of these public people had no interest in mini-courses. They just wanted to relax by the pool, watch TV or play games in the lounge. Div 6 staff had to be careful not to pressure the Flag pcs too much, as this public was responsible for about $500,000 a week in org income. A light went off in my head! I had an idea for launching my Book One movement internationally!