Part VII:Flag's Betrayal & the Aftermath

It's 1981 and I'm back from Flag. Flag has taken over and distorted the Book One movement for their own purposes. Diana's folding under the pressure from above, and she is less able to support me. As if this wasn't bad enough, the Guardians Office is starting to come after me.

A GO (Guardians Office) person from the local org came to my office with a written order that was marked "A Priority", that had been sent to her from GO WW (Worldwide). The order said to shut me down immediately, with no questions asked. Standing in my office, exuding the usual GO air of superiority, the woman insisted that I comply with the order. I didn't know if GO WW had originated this attack or if they were prompted from somewhere else. What I did know though, was that this local GO person was just a lackey.

Without replying to her command, I walked to my telephone and called Diana hoping that she still might be able to help me. I told Diana what was happening and she asked me to hand the phone to the GO woman. Handing the phone to the woman I said, "Diana Hubbard wants to speak with you. " All of the sudden, the woman's air of superiority fell away, replaced by a look of shock. She took the phone and timidly said hello. After intently listening for a few minutes, she handed me back the phone to hang up. I didn't know what Diana had said to the woman, but now she was very nice to me, saying that she would have to contact GO WW. She then proceeded to leave my office.

Later I was contacted again by the same woman who now had new orders from GO WW. She now explained WW's concern. My company, Survival Services International, was incorporated as a profit making company. Since I was delivering a Dianetics service, they felt the non-profit status of the CofS was threatened. However, GO WW was willing now to compromise their position of shutting me down since I was involved with a special project under Diana. Their first condition was that I had to go to the local GO's lawyers, at my expense, to have them explain to me how my present corporate status was endangering the CofS. Once I understood their position, I would have to change my corporation into a Dianetics Counseling Group under the CofS.

I went to the meeting, attended by local GO staff and several GO lawyers. The GO woman asked her lawyers to explain to me how my current corporation was jeopardizing the non-profit status of the CofS. After the lawyers conferred for a few minutes, the head lawyer said that they could see no way in which my company's current status would threaten the CofS's non-profit status any more than it already was. The local GO staff was visibly taken aback and immediately ended the meeting. Outside the lawyer's office the GO staff told me that these lawyers obviously didn't understand the GO WW viewpoint, and that I must proceed with changing my corporation.

I now saw that maybe there was a different intention behind the GO wanting me to re-incorporate under the CofS. If I continued to operate under my present status, then the CofS couldn't control me in the future. But, I realized that if I didn't go along with their wishes, I probably wouldn't remain a Scientologist in good standing. Feeling like I was between a rock and a hard place, I reluctantly agreed.

I had my lawyer, under protest, draw up the papers. However, I didn't file the documents, because GO WW wanted me first to send the docs to them for their approval. Thank God for the CofS bureaucracy! I sent the docs to WW but they were probably lost in route or sat in someone's in-basket. Subsequently, the docs were never sent back to me, and I wasn't going to follow up on them! Thus, the documents were never filed and Survival Services remained intact.

Meanwhile, the CofS was launching their supposed Book One movement. The differences were that their purposes were not to train competent Book One auditors or create a grassroots movement. Their interest was in the money and stats that their program would produce.

I contacted Flag Div 6 to confront them on their betrayal. The person who had been in charge of that division was no longer on her post. This person had supported my program, and her absence was suspicious. One of the two people in charge of Flag's Book One program tried to explain to me the reasoning behind their actions. Primarily, the reasoning was that Flag could not let the field know that someone else had originated the Book One movement. According to them, this would "undermine Flag as a big brother". As if this reason wasn't silly enough, the next was even more ridiculous.

If things had proceeded with me running the Book One movement as I had planned, then an enormous amount of people would purchase our correspondence course. When I asked the question of why that would be a bad thing, I was told that I would make a lot of money. I responded by saying, "So what! The CofS will make thousands of times more from the flow of people that come from my efforts." The Div 6 person's response to that was that Sea Org members on Flag only made about $17 per week and that it wasn't fair that I should make so much. Shaking my head in disbelief, I realized that reasoning with these people was a waste of time.

The end of 1981 was approaching and I felt like the overall success of my program was looking very dim. However, I had made some good contacts while in Clearwater. I did get some people from different parts of the world started on our correspondence course. Several of the people in Clearwater who had attended Peter Pinchot's seminar and presentation also went on to the course. I had also met a man from Switzerland who later came to Denver for training from John and me. After his training, the man set up an office for us in Europe. He translated our course into German and delivered to people in Europe.

One of the best contacts I made at Flag was a man who published a magazine that went out to all the missions in the US and Canada. He supported what I was doing and published ads and articles for me. People in the missions who had read my articles started contacting Flag with concerns about the competency of auditors trained by the Flag Book One seminar. Flag just lied to them, assuring them that the Flag seminar DID make fully competent Book One auditors and that there was no cause for worry. Meanwhile, Flag Div 6 told their staff that I was dangerous. An ally sent me a copy of a dispatch from one of the top people in the Flag Div 6 regarding what I was doing. In that dispatch, it was actually stated; "It's suppressive to make competent Book One auditors".