Part XVIII:Entities

Many people have, in different ways, asked me about Idenics' position on the subject of entities. Answering these sorts of questions will take a bit of explanation, as within the Idenics technology there is not a specific position that we take regarding entities. I would give the same answer if I were asked about Idenics' position on past lives.

Entities and past lives are not subjects of Idenics' mechanics. There are no processes or questions where a practitioner directs a client's attention to either of these topics. However, this does not preclude a client from bringing up this subject matter. In other words, a client may have a position on entities or past lives, but the practitioner doesn't. Any issues the client wishes to address are taken up by the practitioner, but only with the use of Idenics techniques.

Over the years, we have had a lot people who came to us for Idenics processing who had previously been involved with Scientology. Prior to their involvement with Idenics, many of these clients had been on OT 3, NOTS (New Era Dianetics for OTs), or the equivalent of these levels in the independent field. These levels are exclusively concerned with the addressing of entities, or BTs and clusters, as they are referred to in Scientology. Even though a client may have brought up the subject of entities in session, all of these clients main attention was on specific issues that they wanted to handle.

Most of these clients' issues were resolved quickly with the application of Idenics technology. Any difficulties with entities connected to these issues were resolved by just handling the issues.

Some clients with a Scientology history of auditing BTs and clusters have come to us with a lot of their attention on entities. However, after processing these people with Idenics, any upsets difficulties or confusions regarding entities were cleared up for these clients. Most importantly, issues that clients had unsuccessfully been trying to handle on Scientology advanced levels that addressed BTs and clusters finally got resolved with Idenics processing.

I can recall a client who had a serious condition that he had been trying to resolve since he first got into Scientology. Having made it to OT 5, he had been making frequent trips to Clearwater to address his condition with NOTs auditing. When this condition would kick in on the man, he would go to Flag for auditing. As he had described, "I would clean up all the BTs and clusters connected with my condition and feel good. I'd go home but the condition would come back. I would then go back to Flag and find more BTs and clusters and run these out until I felt fine about the condition. But after I'd return home, the condition would sooner or later come back. I'd then need to go back to Flag for more NOTs auditing".

Frustrated, the man started looking in the independent field for assistance. Finding out about Idenics, he came to us for processing. During the week that he was here he resolved his condition. Additionally, there was no further mention of BTs or clusters by the client.

As far as what occurred in the above-mentioned cases, I can only speculate. I won't give my opinion on whether entities exist or not, but I will speculate on two possible scenarios. Various clients have originated both of these scenarios in different ways. In each case, the scenario that was voiced was true for that individual.

Scenario #1 – What the client had previously believed to be entities were in fact identities. Attached to the major identities were insignificant or "locked" identities that disappeared when the major ones were handled. Since identities are not the individual, they can appear to the person to be separate beings.

On Scientology upper levels, people are educated with the existence, characteristics, and activity of entities. As explained in my previous write-ups concerning additives, the individual can fit their actual case into the explained framework regarding BTs and clusters. Auditing levels such as OT 3 or NOTs, the person thinks they are auditing BTs and clusters when in actuality, they are handling identities and locked identities.

Since, on these Scientology levels the identities are not being properly or fully addressed, they don't always get completely handled. This is why people spend so much time auditing on these levels, keep coming up with more entities to handle, and don't always resolve their unwanted conditions.

Scenario #2 – Two questions have puzzled people who have audited on their NOTs levels. (1) How does a person get into a situation where other beings are attached to them and (2) how is it that they are adversely and unknowingly affected by this attachment? There are explanations available in the NOTs materials, but many people don't feel completely satisfied by these answers. They search for a deeper explanation, and some hope it would be revealed on later OT levels.

In the NOTs training materials, LRH said that it was an interesting fact that the aberration of the BT or cluster is similar to the aberration of the pc. Hubbard had his explanations for this statement, but the important point here is that he noticed a similarity that existed.

The similar aberration in the pc that Hubbard noticed is actually an identity. BTs and clusters having a similar or mutual-type aberration attach themselves to the identity. A pc can blow off BTs and clusters and get relief, but as long as the identity remains, BTs and clusters can later attach to it. This explains what happens in a case like the one mentioned above.

The pc has a condition they want to resolve, they receive NOTs auditing to handle BTs and clusters connected with that condition, feel better, but the condition comes back. The pc then does additional NOTs auditing on the condition and discovers more BTs and clusters attached that need to be handled.

Idenics undercuts NOTs auditing and renders it unnecessary. By handling the identity, anything attached to it leaves. Furthermore, there is nothing still there for additional entities to attach themselves to.

Some clients have expressed a reality that is made up of parts of both of the above scenarios. I leave it up to the reader to find his or her own reality. I cannot provide a definitive answer as to why Idenics processing works as it does in the above mentioned cases. However, what I do know is that it does work.

I can say with confidence that running levels that directly address the subject of entities, BTs, or clusters, is not necessary. What's more, many Idenics clients who had previously been heavily into the running of entities were more difficult to process than people not involved with entities. Clients believing that BTs and clusters were causing all of their problems have had a rougher time in session and have taken longer than clients without those beliefs.